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Selected Previous and Present Engagements

Senior Advisor, Foxberry Ltd, London

International Advisory Board Member, EDHEC Risk Institute, Nice.

Advisory Board Member, EDHEC Infrastructure Institute, Singapore.

Advisory Council Member, Global Infrastructure Facility, Washington.

Investor Advisory Board Member, Alternative Investment Forum, New York.

Chairman of the International Advisory Board, EDHEC Risk Institute, Nice.


Advisory Committee Member, The Foundation of Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg.

Non-Executive Director, KF Invest, Stockholm.

Editorial Advisory Board Member, International Journal of Pension Management, International Centre for Pension Management, Toronto.

International Advisory Board Member, EDHEC Risk Institute, Nice.

Faculty Member, Executive Faculty, School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg.

Selected Previous Engagements

Global Keynote Speaker and Panellist, Equities Roundtable, Investment Innovation Institute, Sydney.

Speaker and Panelist, Global AgInvesting Asia 2016, Tokyo.

Member of Advisory Board and Panellist, Inaugural Middle East Government Funds Roundtable, Abu Dhabi.

Speaker and Panellist, The Fiduciary Investors Symposium, Oxford.

Member of Advisory Board and Speaker, Investment Innovation & the Global Future of Retirement, New York.

Panellist, Inaugural China Global Investment Forum, Beijing.


Speaker, CEM Global Leaders Conference, Seoul


Lecturer, Asset Manager’s Client Conference, Nice


Panellist, Pacific Pension Institute 2014 Asian Pension Fund Roundtable, Singapore


Keynote Speaker, Institutional Investor Forums, Risk & Liquidity, The Alpha & Omega of Asset Management Today, Palo Alto.


Panellist, Saudi Arabia Institutional Investor Forum, Riyad.

Global Keynote Speaker and Panellist, Global Investment Strategy Forum, Investment Innovation Institute, Beijing.

Opening address and Session Chairman, Inaugural EDHEC-Risk Days North America 2013, New York.

Keynote Speaker, P&I Nomura Global Pension Symposium, Tokyo.

Panellist, Institutional Investor Forums, Risk & Liquidity, The Alpha & Omega of Asset Management Today, New York.

Panellist, Sovereign Investor Institute’s 2nd Africa Sovereign Funds Roundtable, Cape Town.

Panellist, Institutional Investor Asia CEO Roundtable, Hong Kong.

Panellist, The China Investment Fund International Forum, Shenzhen, China.

Panellist, CNBC and Institutional Investor’s Delivering Alpha: Strategies for Global Investment Success, New York.


Speaker and Panellist, World Bank Global Symposium on Pension and Sovereign Fund Investments, Dubai.


International Keynote Speaker, Asset Allocation Summit Australia, Sydney.


Decisions leading to successful outcomes for investment institutions must be based on topical and well-argued research reports. Inherently complex investment themes and products need to be put into a solutions perspective to be relevant for asset owners. Highly complex investment issues need to be explained in a pedagogical and straightforward language to get traction among a diversified group of people with different backgrounds and experiences.


For the past 15 years, I have been a frequent speaker at investor meetings around the world. Speaker roles have included Lecturer, Key-note Speaker, Presenter, Facilitator, Moderator and Panelist. My focus has been on topics related to Investment Policy and Policy Portfolio Construction but also on more specific matters.

My experience from designing a cutting-edge Investment Policy and Portfolio gives me a unique vantage point to talk about the general framework of Investing and Portfolio Construction. Both in bigger events with many participants and smaller more bespoke occasions.


Trustees in Financial institutions are entrusted with a fiduciary role in a highly complex investment environment. Good Governance, based on well-thought Investment Beliefs, is critical for investment success. To navigate this byzantine setting, Guardians must balance different stakeholders interest with an understanding of Financial Theory and Portfolio Construction. Institutions choose to anchor those decisions in the Board of Directors, an Investment Committee and/or an Advisory Board.


Having been responsible for guiding the Board of Trustees at a well-advanced Pension Fund on Investment Policy Design for 15 years, I am well positioned to take on Governance roles and give my contribution to success in Investor and Asset Management organizations. Alongside my role as a director at AP2, I held a mixture of such Governance roles

After several years of guiding trustees in designing Investment Policy and Strategic Asset Allocation, I am now looking to change side at the table and pursue non-executive roles. Communicating investment strategy related issues in speaking roles and writing White Papers will continue to be part of my curriculum. Please find below a list of selected previous and present engagements.















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