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Tomas Franzén

After 35 years in various operative positions in Investment Management, I switched gears in my professional life in early 2017 and founded Franzen Advisory. For the past 15 years, I was Chief Investment Strategist at the USD 40 Bn Second Swedish National Pension Fund – AP2. As a member of the Executive Committee at AP2, I was responsible for guiding the Board of Trustees and the Senior Management Team in designing the fund’s Investment Policy since its inception in 2001. A major overhaul of AP2’s Investment Policy during these years, left the fund at the cutting edge of Institutional investing with a well-diversified portfolio across geographies, asset classes, risk factors and strategies. Before joining AP2 I had various positions as an Economist and Equity strategist with Nordic banks.

Alongside my job position at AP2, I also held a mixture of Board, Investment Committee and Advisory Board positions.

I was the Chairman of Edhec-Risk Institute International Advisory Board, between 2013-2016. I am also a frequent speaker at investor meetings around the world. I was furthermore the Editor of the Anthology; A Decade of Challenges, A Collection of Essays on Pension and Investment, where I invited 30 global thought-leaders in Pension, Investment Management and Corporate Governance to share their views.

I hold a B.A. in Economics from the University of Stockholm and I am also a holder of CEFA (Certified EFFAS Financial Analyst) and the Yale SOM-Edhec-Risk Institute Certificate in Risk and Investment Management. I live with my wife in Lisbon, Portugal and the archipelago of Gothenburg, Sweden.



Building and maintaining good governance is critical to organizational success. Achieving this in Investment Institutions requires an understanding of the interaction between non-executive directors and investment staff.

Governance Services
Speaker Services

To share experience is important when developing your own strategy. Idea generation between asset owners and asset managers facilitate a good alignment between investment solutions and products.

Bespoke Services

Important investment decisions have to be based on well-thought-out and informed research. At Franzen Advisory we bridge the gap between investment expertise and fiduciary responsibility.



Calçada do Lavra 26,

1150-209 Lisboa, Portugal

Tel: 0046-702-797926

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